Government consults High Access for green paper

The Government has just launched its Industrial Strategy green paper outlining plans to boost the economy by increasing productivity and driving growth across the country.  Against a Brexit backdrop, it was Theresa May’s first paper of this magnitude. It painted an upbeat picture for growing businesses and echoed earlier headlines around funding for the Northern Powerhouse so we were pleased to be asked to contribute to the paper.

Featured as a good example of a growing and ambitious business, it was MD Niel’s input to call for tax incentives for entrepreneurs and companies creating jobs and investing in the development of the people who power growing businesses and ultimately boost productivity.

Neil said:

“In over a decade in business at High Access, the growth to date has been driven through our own vision and drive. As a Northern business with national reach and taking on the competition in London, it’s refreshing to hear the reiterated support for Northern regions set out today.

“Overall, there is a need for more tax incentives to encourage entrepreneurial people to start and grow businesses. It is a huge risk for these individuals who are powering the economic engine.

“I am pleased to see the funding we called for in up-skilling the workforce. By investing in people teams and businesses will be boosted. In addition, Government support for companies to improve health and wellbeing through reduced cost gym membership would be a win-win for business and would reduce the pressure points felt across public health.”

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