High Five with Daina Parker

This issue we’re talking to Daina Parker who is a Contracts Manager within our cleaning division. Here we ask her five key questions in a bid to get to know her better.

  1. Describe yourself in five words…
    • Observant
    • Dependable
    • Bubbly
    • Driven
    • Organised
  2. What are you passionate about in your role at High Access?
    I’m very passionate about growing and developing the cleaning side of the business, delivering the best customer service and being the best we can be.
  3. What has been your highlight since joining the team?
    I’ve been with the company nearly 10 years now. It’s been great to see it grow and develop and continuing to do so. I’m excited to see where we are this time next year. High Access just keeps aiming ‘higher’!
  4. If you weren’t in your career today, what would you have done – what was your dream job at high school?
    I would have loved to be a police woman – I think I’d be really good at it!
  5. Out of work, what’s your height of expertise – what would your Mastermind subject be?
    80’s cheesy pop! Either that or pizza toppings!


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