High Access assist IKEA with Sustainability Strategy

High Access assist IKEA with their Sustainability Strategy, People & Planet Positive, by installing LED lighting

After becoming the first major global retailer to offer a 100 per cent LED lighting range, IKEA are making steps to change their own lighting to LED, reducing their carbon footprint with the ultimate aim of becoming energy independent. Their plan is to become 100% renewable by 2020 – producing as much renewable energy as they consume using renewable sources, such as the wind and sun.

We’ve recently been up to their Gateshead branch to install 140 new LED tube lamps on their ‘IKEA’ signage, removing and safely disposing of their existing lamps in the process.

IKEA focus on economising with resources and have made energy efficient LED lighting more affordable, enabling many more people to live more sustainably and reduce their electricity bills. Their strategy is commendable and we’re proud to be involved and offer our continued support.

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