Next stop, Darlington!

One of our longest standing clients, Savills, have called in our cleaning team to give Darlington’s ‘Brick Train’ a good clean. This has to be one of the most impressive displays of brickwork we have ever seen!

To celebrate the rich railway heritage of Darlington, this sculpture was commissioned and created in 1997 by David Mach. The Darlington ‘Brick Train’ was opened on Monday, 23rd June 1997 by Lord Palumbo of Walbrook and is situated next to Morrisons on Morton Park Industrial Estate.

Modelled on the 1938 record setting, 126mph steam locomotive ‘Mallard’. Funded by the National Lottery, Wm Morrison Supermarkets, Northern Arts, Department of National Heritage, Darlington Borough Council and headed by sculptor David Mach the project reputedly cost £760k.

A total of 185,000 bricks were used in its construction along with 170 cubic meters of concrete. The train weighs 15,000 tonnes and covers an area of 600sq meters. It is of hollow construction and measures 23ft high by 130ft long. It took a team of 34 brick layers, labourers and apprentices 21 weeks to build.

In addition, there are even 20 special ‘bat’ bricks built in at various places to encourage the nocturnal creatures to use it as their home. Local schools also donated ‘time capsules’ which were put inside the train.

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