Crown Wharf Shopping Centre

  • Client: Savills
  • Site: Crown Wharf Shopping Centre
  • Date: 2015
  • Location: Walsall

Case study story


We were commissioned by Savills to remove and replace three damaged canopy glazing units at Crown Wharf Shopping Park in Walsall.

Works carried out:

We attended site during the early hours in the morning, before the retail units opened, to avoid any potential risk to members of the public. The area was cordoned off and a banksman remained at ground level throughout.

In order to lift and lower the glazing units into position we deployed a 16m spider crane along with a mechanised glass suction device suspended from the crane. We also deployed our 46m truck mounted access platform to lift our operatives up to the canopy level to remove the existing damaged unit before installing the new replacement units.

The fixings and damaged unit was removed from the canopy via the crane and vacuum lifter, and lowered to ground level where it was stored safely and securely. The new unit was then lifted up into place via the crane and vacuum lifter and secured by our operatives positioned in the cradle and on the canopy. This process was then repeated for the other two units.

The plant, equipment and experience we have at our disposal ensured that the job was carried out safely and smoothly with minimal disruption to the retail units.

Equipment deployed:

46m Truck Mounted Access Platform

16m Spider Crane

Mechanised vacuum lifter

Mobile weight anchor system

Apleona HSG appoints High Access Maintenance as a working ‘at height’ specialist

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