Multiple Building Façade Repairs

  • Client: Matthews & Goodman LLP
  • Site: Horton House
  • Date: 2014
  • Location: Liverpool

Case study story


Our specialist rope access maintenance operatives were called into action by Matthews & Goodman LLP, to perform repair work to the building façades at Horton House, Exchange Street, Liverpool.

Works carried out:

Our specialist operatives gained access to the building façades via rope access, anchoring onto a Mobile A-Frame Rig.

2nd Floor Office Space – The front and rear elevations were first inspected to assess the damage. Any defective mortar joints were grinded out and re-pointed or resealed using Geocel All-Weather Sealant.

3rd Floor Office Space – A number of vents were re-sealed to prevent water ingress. There were also defects in the mortar at 4 locations which was subsequently raked out and re-pointed.

4th Floor Office space – All the sills were inspected, any defective mortar found was ground out and re-pointed or resealed where necessary.

5th, 8th & 10th Floor Stairwells – Any gaps found in the brickwork were re-pointed or resealed where necessary to prevent any further water ingress.

Our operatives also found loose dangerous materials present and removed these from the site as necessary.

Equipment deployed:

2 Specialist Rope Access Operatives
Level 2 Rope Access Supervisor
Mobile A-Frame Rig

MIPIM Tennis – LandAid

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