Odeon Cinema Gutter Works

  • Client: Spanclad Construction Ltd
  • Site: Odeon Cinema
  • Date: 2014
  • Location: Huddersfield

Case study story


We were commissioned by Spanclad Construction Ltd to carry out cut edge corrosion treatment and full gutter refurbishment on the Odeon Cinema in Huddersfield.

Works carried out:

Our operatives began by preparing the cut egdes, removing all loose and flaky coatings to a firm feathered edge, ensuring the substrate is keyed and not polished. The surface was then thoroughly cleaned before Seamsil sealant was gun applied to the exposed edges of the lap joints to bridge any gaps. Before the sealant had dried, Seamsil basecoat was brush applied which acts to encapsulate the lap joint area preventing water ingress and providing maximum protection against further corrosion. Once the basecoat was ‘touch dry’ a final coat of Seamsil topcoat was applied.

The joints within the steel gutter system were re-sealed and encapsulated using the Giromax delcote system comprising of:SEAMSIL Sealant – A single component a Alkoxy curing silicone supplied in 310 ml cartridges applied into the gutter joint to form a completely bridged seal.

SEAMSIL Basecoat – a single component Alkoxy curing silicone suspended within a solvent carrier, supplied in 5kg containers for brush application at the joint detail

DELCOTE HPG a elastomeric, one component, silicone coating in a spirit carrier, supplied in 25 kg drums and available in two colours Albany (mid) and Slate (dark) grey.

Equipment deployed:

33m Truck Mounted Access Platform

Apleona HSG appoints High Access Maintenance as a working ‘at height’ specialist

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