Single Ply Membrane Installation

  • Client: J Mills Contractors Ltd
  • Site: Cornwall Court
  • Date: 2015
  • Location: Birmingham

Case study story


We were commissioned by J Mills Contractors Ltd to supply and install a single ply membrane system on the flat roof area of Cornwall Court in Birmingham.

Works carried out:

Our team of trained and approved installers performed an insulated assembly on the main flat roof area. This consisted of a vapour control layer, PIR insulation and then a fleeceback membrane over the top, applying adhesive between each layer. However parts of the roof is home to various plant which meant we had to carry out a direct assembly, installing a timber decking throughout before using adhesive to stick the fleeceback membrane straight onto the deck. Pressure-sensitive walkway pads were installed in the areas exposed to repetitive foot traffic in order to protect the membrane.

RubberBond Fleeceback comes with a 20 year guarantee and is proven to last for over 50 years. It is stronger than non-fleeced EPDM – 180% greater tear resistance, 80% greater impact resistance and 40% greater puncture resistance. It is a cold applied system which eliminates the risk of fire and because it’s flexible it won’t tear or crack. The environmentally friendly system is resistant to moss, fungus, UV radiation and extreme climates.

Equipment deployed:

A team of trained and approved installers

MIPIM Tennis – LandAid

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