Roof Sheet Refurbishment & Encapsulation

Depending on the location of a building, roof sheeting often needs maintaining to guarantee a long lifespan.

Common problems can range from delamination of the protective colour coating and corrosion of the steel substrate. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we work as trained, approved contractors for Delcote architectural coating

It’s a system ideal for reinstating an effective coating on aged organic coated roofing. It also works on wall cladding such as PVC Plastisol, Pvf2 and polyester. Here, a standard two-coat, 200-micron application provides protection equal to, or better than the original product when it was brand new.

For the coating to work, we use a high-pressure jet to remove any contaminants such as dust and dirt.

We also use the same refurbishment and encapsulation processes for vertical cladding. Cladding can last up to forty years, but brighter colours can fade quickly and need to be repainted. Our skilled team will give your building a whole new lease of life, at a cost you can happily live with.

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Liquid Applied Roof Treatments

From flat and pitched roofs, to balconies and terrace repairs, we’re well versed in the art of flexible waterproofing.

We’re also approved contractors for cold-applied and rapid curing products like the Europolymer Eurotec range, Watco products such as Liquid Roof Membrane and the Acrypol range of roof coating systems are all designed to repair and refurbish failed industrial or commercial roofs.

Europolymer Eurotec is a range of fibrous advanced synthetic polymer coatings based on cutting-edge Nano Technology. These can be applied to a wide range of materials, including mastic asphalt, bituminous and mineral finished roofing membranes, concrete, masonry, metal, plywood and OSB boarded decks.


Available in standard colours, or Buff White, Red, Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black, Eurotec also comes with warranties lasting up to 25 years.

Watco Roofite is a unique blend of thick bitumen, rubber and tough fibre reinforcement that weather proofs and refurbishes roofs. It can be used on everything from concrete and corrugated iron, to tiled and felted roofs. It’s also ideal for repairing leaks caused by asbestos porosity, splits, cracks, tears or holes.


Watco Liquid Roof Membrane, meanwhile, is a roller-applied coating designed to protect flat and pitched roofs providing a seamless, UV stable finish.

Last but not least, Acrypol offers total roof waterproofing. It’s a coating developed to refurbish failed industrial, commercial or domestic flat roofs. Applied with a brush as a semi-liquid paste, it dries to form an ultra-tough, seamless flexible overlay.

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

When sheet coating starts to weather, delaminate and peel back, corrosion can soon set in. You’ll often find this happens where the sheet laps and sheet ends meet, having been cut to fit the building.

But while peel-back is an almost inevitable defect on a metal profile and exempt from warranty, spotting it early helps you avoid paying out for costly roof sheet replacement.

To stop the problem early, we’re approved contractors for Delcote SEAMSIL, recommended by most European steel roof sheet manufacturers as an excellent way to treat edge and lap joint corrosion.

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