SEAMSIL®  is a unique flexible silicone remedial system developed by Delvemade Limited in conjunction with GE Silicones, part of the General Electric Company of America.

The system, initially developed to solve the problem of cut edge corrosion on steel roofing has now become recognised as the most versatile and effective protection treatment in any situation where exposed metal is subjected to aggressive moisture conditions.

So whether you need a new protective coating, roof sheet refurbishment/encapsulation or cut edge corrosion treatment, we at High Access are fully approved contractors to specify and apply the full range of Seamsil products.


  • Exceptional adhesion to cleaned and prepared surfaces and cure to provide a tough elastic seal, effectively encapsulating the damaged area to restrict further deterioration.
  • Proven long life, being unaffected by UV or extremes of weather and temperature.
  • Excellent elastic and flexibility properties to withstand normal surface movements.


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GIROCOTE Wall Cladding Refurbishment

Profiled metal wall cladding can have a long serviceable life if maintained. But if neglected, and repaint guidelines ignored, the owner faces early sheet replacement.

Choosing the wrong re-coating material can mean expensive repainting every 10 years.

GIROCOTE is a mid sheen low odour, emissions compliant coating designed for spray or brush application over existing PVC and PVDF coated steel.

It provides aesthetically pleasing and enhanced protection for the refurbishment and redecoration of tired profiled metal wall cladding panels.

It is normally applied in two coats without the need to prime and is suitable for application to a wide range of common building components including mild steel, coated sheets and galvanised steel.



DELGLAZE GRP Rooflight Refurbishment

Aged GRP rooflights present a number of problems when maintaining a roof.

They are often found to be in a condition where the exterior gel coat has deteriorated to a point where the glass fibres it encapsulated and protected are exposed and breaking away from the substrate making the sheet brittle, easily damaged or perforated, encouraging leaks and moss growth, reducing light transmission and compromising building security.

DELGLAZE is a high performance, high build, single component moisture curing aliphatic polyurethane coating that cures to provide a clear, tough membrane principally for the re-coating and sealing of aged and weathered GRP rooflights.

It can also be used on a wide range of common building components such as concrete, glass, grp and ceramic tiling. For more, and to see how we can help, simply visit our Roof Maintenance section.


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DELCOTE® is a silicone coating designed for re-coating roof and wall cladding substrate including masonry, concrete, asbestos cement, polyurethane foam and most painted or unpainted metals.

It is the ideal product for reinstating a protective coating to profiled metal cladding where its standard  200 micron application will provide protection equal to or better than the original coating.

Key benefits:

  • Primer-less adhesion to most substrates.
  • Durability – proven worldwide use with a life expectancy of over 20 years
  • Use with SEAMSIL® 100 cut edge corrosion repair.
  • UV and temperature resistant for longer proven life.
  • Proven long term protection against corrosion on metal roofs.
  • Provides breathable membrane for protection of asbestos and concrete surfaces.

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