Repair and Refurbishment

When water is left to stand, it can cause all kinds of problems, including the pitting and corrosion of steel gutters. This can cause disruptive water ingress and building fabric damage that can prove costly to your business.

To keep your gutters clear, we use innovative products such as the Delcote HPG and Seamsil 300, both designed to preserve commercial gutter and rainwater systems. We also happen to be approved contractors for Giromax Delcote refurbishment and re-lining systems, equipping us brilliantly for every job.

Delcote HPG is a liquid applied elastomeric silicone membrane. This membrane cures to form a tough protective coating for the re-lining of metal, concrete and asbestos gutter and rainwater systems. The Seamsil 300, meanwhile, is a silicone-based system specially designed for the externally sealed joints of galvanised steel, aluminium, concrete and asbestos cement gutters.

It’s all part of our commitment to working with the latest technology on the market. We carefully choose the best equipment to give you long-term protection from leaking or deteriorating gutters.

To create a waterproof seal, or ‘gutter within a gutter’, we can also install re-lining systems such as Plygene and Unifold. These are fully engineered, rubberised products designed to handle each individual lining application. When installed together, Plygene and Unifold stop any water from penetrating behind or beneath. What’s more, both come with guarantees lasting up to twenty years.

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Gutter Maintenance

It’s easy to overlook gutters in the upkeep of your property, but your rainwater systems are an essential part of a well-run building. Little wonder then, we’ve established ourselves as experts in the field.

Specialising in both industrial and commercial properties, we have a proven track record delivering a range of cost-effective services, including:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Unblocking of outlets and rainwater systems
  • Gutter repair and refurbishment

Blocked Rainwater Systems

If there’s an issue with a blocked rainwater system, we’ll be onsite in no time to clean it out.  Yet problems with your gutters can be avoided completely with planned maintenance visits.

To keep your property running smoothly all year round, we always recommend one of our gutter maintenance service contracts.

You’ll find each one comes tailored to the exact needs of your business and individual building, meaning costs and blockages need never be a worry.

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