Slate & Tile Repairs

Here in the UK, heavy storms, even strong winds, can often dislodge and damage roof slates and tiles. That’s why we always carry a stock of slate and common concrete and clay tiles.

It means you can depend on us to carry out repairs quickly and reliably, which means you can keep your building in good shape, whatever the weather or season.

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Site Surveys and Photographic Reports

If you need a roof condition survey at short notice, we’re the people to call. Because we own our own fleet of truck-mounted access platforms, we can respond quickly and reliably, with no need to hire equipment.

All our reports come with photographic documentation to give you an accurate picture of the roof’s exact condition.

In our survey reports, we’ll also list any recommended repairs and improvements that will help to keep your rooftop in the best possible shape.

Roof Light Replacement

Old or faulty roof lights can often cause roof leaks and reduce the amount of natural light – expensive and annoying. Yet the problem can be avoided altogether with our Roof Light Replacement service.

Our team has a whole host of experience replacing every kind of roof light imaginable. Plus, once we’ve surveyed the profile of the sheeting involved, our in-house specialist plant and equipment gives us easy access to the light.

Even better, we’re approved Giromax Delglaze applicators, a translucent product applied to existing polycarbonate roof lights to re-coat and re-seal.

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Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

When moss and algae builds up on a rooftop, it can cause serious blockages in both your gutters and your building pipes. Both of which can damage your building and cost you more in the long run.

To stop moss and algae interrupting your business, we offer a special roof cleaning and moss removal service, keeping your roof in top condition.

Our experience covers all kinds of roofs, while our specialist plant and fleet of access platforms means we’ll arrive with all the right equipment to handle the job – all at the most competitive price.

Flashing & Lead Work Repairs

While we offer the complete range of lead flashing repairs and replacement, the spiralling price of metal has seen a huge jump in thefts of lead from buildings.

To combat the problem and prevent future thefts, we always recommend products such as Ubiflex. An innovative lead substitute, Ubiflex is worthless as scrap, yet invaluable when it comes to protecting your building.

A waterproof flashing material, it can be used in all applications where lead would usually be installed. Fully malleable, Ubiflex can be worked in both directions and self-seals if punctured.

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